The SME-DS2 solid state recorder is geared specifically for law enforcement applications. The recorder incorporates an output socket allowing the agent to monitor telephone conversations as they occur. Room monitoring can also be established by attaching a SME high gain microphone (Stereo or Mono) to recorder and monitoring through the headphone output of the recorder. Cell phone recordings can also be recorded using the SME-TP3C cellphone recording microphone/earpiece. The DS-2 also contains built-in stereo microphones. The unit's extremely small size ( 4 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2" ) makes it a perfect recorder for on-body recordings and for use in every day concealments. The DS-2 enables the user to record up to 4 hours and 20 minutes in a WMA file. This special feature enables the user to play the recording through their computer without downloading additional software. The user can also record 22 hours and 20 minutes in the LP mode in DSS format. Units are constructed with a slim-line durable body. The recorder is user friendly and you do not need a computer to program the unit. Audio recordings can be played back through the internal speaker, earphone jack, or computer. The supplied software also is loaded with features for investigations including time and date the recording was made along with length of record time, when the audio was downloaded, recorders serial number, noise reduction filters, transcription mode, etc. This new low cost recorder is the next generation for law enforcement use.

Safety Hold Switch (Transport Lock)
File Format: WMA & DSS
LCD Display with Back light
User ID Setting
Stereo Powered microphone input
Microphone Sensitivity
Time/Date Settings
Battery Life 18 hours 2 x "AAA"
Earphone Monitoring Jack
AC powered through supplied docking station

Monitoring using the SME TP-3C Cellular Telephone Privacy Microphone: Simply insert the SME TP-3C plug into the microphone socket on the unit and attach external monitoring headset to the monitor jack on the DS-2 recorder as the diagram shows. This will enable the investigator to monitor the recording in progress.

SME DS-2 Features & Specifications
MEMORY Built-in 64Mb Insert Feature No LCD Display Yes
Max Recording time (LP)
Sampling frequency/Bit Rate
22 hours 20 min
Overwrite Feature No Time/Date Settings Yes
Max. Recording time (SP)
Sampling frequency/Bit Rate
10 hour 25 mins
Erase All Files Yes Microphone Sensitivity Conf/Dict
Max. Recording time (HQ)
Sampling frequency/Bit Rate
4 hour 20 mins
Erase Single Files Yes VCVA Recording Yes
Max. Recording time (SSP)
Sampling frequency/Bit Rate
2 hour 10 mins
Partial Erase No Ear Jack Yes
Max. Recording time (SHQ)
Sampling frequency/Bit Rate
1 hour 5 mins
Lock Single Files Yes Powered Mic Jack Yes (stereo)
DSS File Format LP/SP Folders Yes Safety Hold Yes
WMA File Format HQ/SSP/SHQ Messages per folder 199 Battery Life Yes (18 hours in record mode)
PC Interface USB Cable Individual folder names Yes Speaker Yes
Data up/download from PC Yes User ID Setting Through DSS Player Maximum Output 200mW

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