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SME Offers Expert Service & Accessories for all Uher Recorders.

Saul Mineroff (left) demonstrating Uher
recorder to Ed McMahon circa 1965.

Uher Sales & Service

Saul Mineroff has been world renowned as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable service stations of Uher tape recorders and accessories having specialized in the audio industry since 1954.

During the 1960's, for a number of years, Saul Mineroff operated an eastern office for Uher products, acting as service chief and director of repairs for Uher in New York.

In 1970, Saul started his own business and became the Uher importer for Uher products and accessories. At the same time he worked closely with the factory in Germany in developing new products.

In 1973, Saul gained fame of sorts as he testified at the Watergate hearings about Rosemary Woods' ill-fated transcriptions of the Richard Nixon White House tapes recorded on the Uher 5000, hence Saul's personal email address

As of today, Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. specializes in all areas of information gathering to federal and state law enforcement agencies and universities that specialize in nature recordings.

In the new millennium of CD, DAT and solid state recorders, Saul still takes much pride and dedication in repairing and supplying accessories to Uher users and fanatics in all fields including court reporters, polygraph specialists, broadcast stations, fire adjusters, ornithologists, universities government agencies and hobbyists.

Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. stocks parts and accessories for all models of Uher recorders.

Uher Repairs

Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. provides service for all Uher recorders. We use only original Uher parts. A $125 estimate charge is required for Uher recorders serviced over 3 years ago from Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. The estimate charge is deducted from the actual cost of parts and labor, if you decide to have the unit serviced. We provide a full diagnostic verbal and/or written quote to bring your unit back to original operating condition. Repairs also include a 90 day parts and labor guarantee. If you would like to have your unit serviced, please fill out the repair application and send it along with your recorder and list of accessories. Make sure your unit is packaged extremely well as to avoid transit damage and that the package is insured for the appropriate amount. For further information either contact Saul Mineroff by email or by phone 516.775.1370.

[ Uher Repair Form in PDF Format ]

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