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After graduating from high school in Brooklyn, NY, Saul Mineroff continued his education in electronics by attending the RCA Institute. Studying and designing circuits, he applied his knowledge in creating and enhancing electronics for both industrial and consumer products.

In the 1950's, he worked with the first wire recorders and the first U.S. tape recorder that used a paper tape coated with a ferrous emulsion. It was manufactured by 3M.

Saul tested the first Sony recorder brought into the country by Superscope, a company that was known in the motion picture industry. Saul opened and managed the New York office for Uher, a West German recorder manufacturer. Uher's primary end users were professional entertainment, the motion picture industry and government agencies. Saul modified many of these recorders to meet the needs of specific applications for these users. In 1970, Saul left Uher and started his own business,
Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. (SME), which was located in his ranch house in Valley Stream, NY. A year later, he become the exclusive US importer of UHER.

In the 1970's, Saul developed body recorders for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The recorders could not be detected via tape recorder detectors.

Saul was also involved with the recording machines used at the White House during the Nixon Presidency (Watergate). He was one of the experts in determining the 18 minute erasure of the conversation between Nixon and former White House aid H.R. Haldeman.

Over the years, Saul established relations with many celebrities, including Ron Wood, David Brinkley, Ed McMahon, Gig Young, Buddy Hackett, Tom Jones, and Pete Townsend whose pictures line his office walls. Saul has also been included in many feature articles included in High Fidelity Trade News, Audio Times and TIME magazines, and has appeared on national television including The Walter Cronkite Show during Watergate.

In the 1980's Saul Mineroff worked along with the FBI, DEA, and the US Customs Service to develop the first highly sophisticated, fool proof, stereo micro cassette surveillance body recorder. Throughout the years, law enforcement required special needs for information gathering which were not available using off the shelf equipment. Saul met with the tech people discussing, developing, and manufacturing equipment for special requirements. While the equipment was user friendly there was a need to educate the agents on the proper selection and placement of the equipment in the environment where information was to be gathered. Saul suggested meetings where law enforcement could gather to test and train with the new equipment.

21st Century: Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. (SME) focuses on Engineering, Development, Production, Sales and Service of Audio and Video equipment. We offer custom conventional and non-conventional technical services. Our group of engineers, technicians and craftspeople possess a unique skill mix.

Services and Products:
Our customers look to our personnel for design consultation, technical service, sales assistance and user instruction information. Our in-house staff includes electrical and mechanical engineers, electronic technicians, computer-aided designers, machinists, leather workers and seamstress (concealment and holster division). These diverse capabilities allow in-house project control, assuring confidentiality and schedule control.

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