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I just wanted say thank you and your EXCEPTIONAL customer service is truly appreciated!! I've dealt with a lot of companies through the years and your group puts together the best products at the lowest prices and backs them up with outstanding customer service. I recommend you guys all the time with a true belief in what you do. I know our previous purchases are small compared to larger accounts you deal with, but each time I call you guys get me what I need right away. I can't say enough great stuff about the business you're running there! I hope everyone at Mineroff has a wonderful holiday season and prosperous new year.

D/Lt. Jason K., Maryland

I would like to take time to let you know that we appreciate your courtesy, your service, and your fine products. I look forward to continued business.

Inv. Jeff L., South Carolina

We recently received the below items and they worked out great - very well made. Thanks for the prompt service and your patience while working out exactly what I needed. I look forward to sending business your way in the future.

Sgt. Matt.G., Iraq

Most of our new Covert VICE equipment was purchased from Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc. The equipment is great and the SME has excellent customer support.

Det. Tracy B., Virginia

Thank you so much for your quick response. Your company has been great to deal with and your customer service is excellent. it is a pleasure doing business with Mineroff Electronics.

Agt. B.L. P., Georgia

I just found out from one of my guys, that you are prior "Green". also I have been in the Navy for 15 years and I plan on retiring after 30 years of service.

It was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone Mr. Mineroff, and it is people like you (and your company) who make this country worth fighting for.

Dedric R., US Navy Bagram, Afghanistan

I consider it a privilege to deal with the gentlemen of Mineroff Electronics. I am always comfortable and proud to tell as many police agencies that will listen about your products. I know that your products are consistently of the highest quality and represent the cutting edge of technology. Quality and technology are very important factors above that, Mineroff Electronics stands behind their products and you are the true gentlemen of the electronic surveillance industry. that's a quality that you can't put a price on.

SA. Garry T., Virginia

Once again, many, many thanks for all your help and fantastic customer service. I can say, without any reservations whatsoever, that it is a great pleasure to do business with you and other companies, large and small, should follow your example.

Marianna W., Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for your help and quick response on the back cover and buttons. Your kindness does not go unnoticed I will spread the word of your kind help to my law enforcement contacts.

Steven Z., Alabama

Thanks so much for the friendly, extremely useful, tech support, I would have never figured that one out on my own.

Bethany P., U.S.A

I would like you to have any of your potential customers, in this area, to call and visit me so I can show them your superior products. please feel free to give them my email address and phone number.

Det Steve W., Florida

I just wanted to take a minute to let you guys know how much I appreciate your helpfulness. I work with a small agency and sometimes our budget is not large enough for our needs. I have found that you guys have better prices on most items that we can find them from other suppliers. this is great help with keeping my administrators happy.

Also it is nice to call and have a telephone answered by a person who is willing to help you out and not a computer that can't answer anything except a phone. I appreciate all that you guys do and will, without a doubt continue to call you guys from agency's electronic needs.

Det. Abraham H., Indiana

Your company has always been innovative and customer orientated. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Gloria H., El Paso

I don't know if I have ever had any dealings with a company who are any better than you all in following up with their customers

Chris M., Virginia

As for the Mineroff Team, I just love those guys, they have taken care of us at every turn, you just cannot go wrong with them. We currently use their Bluetooth Transmitter, Color Audio/Video Key FOB and their Audio Only Key FOB; we use this stuff almost every day of the week. I don't mind at all giving praise where it is deserved.

Matt W., Minnesota

You're ingenuity and perfection has made a difference in many lives. All of us on the front lines of law enforcement owe you a great debt of gratitude

S/A Bob M., Florida

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